STOBECH FM is a joint venture company which comprises of 3 companies namely; Outsourcing Botswana, Stefanutti Stocks Botswana and ECH Management Solutions Botswana. The reason for forming this joint venture is to embrace the critical levels of sustainable service delivery within Botswana, with local and international connections which assists STOBECH FM in maintaining the leading edge of Facilities Management.


Our contracts range from short term (1-2 years) to 15 years plus; therefore STOBECH FM has a long and stable FM future in Botswana.


This joint venture also puts us in a position to benefit from the supply chain created through our current projects in Botswana.


We offer our clients service which include hard and soft services as well as Building Condition Auditing.



Through partnership, STOBECH FM establish a precise understanding of what your individual requirements are, who you are, what you stand for and what you believe in without imposing any systems that do not meet your needs. 



We know that facilities management is only half the equation. The client’s property strategy must be supported and made more effective by the facilities management strategy.  STOBECH FM can either implement an existing strategy, or work with the client management team, in consultation with the business as a whole to arrive at the optimum strategy for the business needs.



“STOBECH FM is not your run of the mill Facilities Management Service provider but rather a business offering a wide range of professional skills.”